Night King Spiral Symbols: Top Theories about these patterns in GoT

The best 3 Theories about The Night King Spiral patterns in Game of Thrones

Night king Spiral

In the series, the dead horde has spent some of their time while marching south to make an elliptical symbol with a line through it, usually shaped spiral. With human parts.

So what these symbols mean. A warning? A spell? or The Night King just exploring his artistic side in his break time?

Theories are many, but the writer in the first episode of GOT final season has explained the Night King’s purpose.

In an interview with the New York Post, Dave Hill “assistant for co-executive producers” was asked about the spirals. substantially, he gave a clear answer.

“As we saw with Three-Eyed Raven, the Children of the Forest, who created the Night King by sacrificing a captive man in a spiral ‘henge of stones.’  which was sacred to them”

Then the Night King selected the symbol as his tone, like Devil with the upside down cross.”

Of course, knowing That doesn’t fully explain what the Night King’s purpose is using it now.

Let’s see some theories about it.



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PSYCHIC WAR theory hinges on a fans centric view of GoT.

The hypothesis is simple. Leaving back symbols made from dead humans parts and their horses are disgraceful.

Stumbling upon a clearing covered in disembodied corpses sows confusion and disagreement.

For an army of humans, that is almost holding it together with a group of associations between old enemies. The Night King could be trying to break the corps of men to make them easier to beat.

There’s an only true issue with this theory is that the Night King would have no way of knowing his “symbols” would be discovered.

As his army of wights marches south. It makes the chances to a living person to see his symbols smaller and smaller. Unless they are specifically set using the Night King’s greenseeing for highest psychological harm. It is more probable that the symbols have no relation to humanity at all.

Of course, this also leads to the question of if the Children of the Forest are more many than we know.

Since the Night King is flagrantly blaspheming their faith, does he actually mean for them to see it?

night king Spiral

2- Tradition is the honest form of flattery

spoilers game of thrones episode 5 leak trailer season 8 episode 5 leak night king Spiral

A lot of watchers had known for a while the Night King didn’t create these spirals. With Game of Thrones Executive Producer David Benioff earlier explaining in an “Inside the Episode” interview.

That the symbols were derivative from the Children of the Forest – though we did not get much confirmation on what any intention might be behind them until Hill’s interview.

In the episode “The Door” from Season Six, Bran uses the Weirwood tree to travel into time so as to witness the creation of the Night King.

Before the Children of the Forest have transformed the first man, the camera moves out and up. What it exposes is the very known spiral pattern. The Weirwood tree sits at the center, with standing stones shining out in seven curved arms.

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