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What Probably happened After Season 8 in Game of Thrones?

Game of thrones season 8

This is what “Probably” happened after To every character in Game Of Thrones season 8

If the last Episode from Game Of Thrones season 8 does not complete the whole picture, Here is some mind-made ending that can satisfy you, starting with bran the broken.

1- Bran:

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King Bran Stark got a new title “The Quiet King”. Along with The broken Bran. He barely organized public occasions, and when he went to court to hear cases from his subjects, his answers and rulings were usually very short and in-depth.
While his ruling time was not totally War-free, there was a small foray of Dothraki from Essos.
All battles were solved with less blood. After all, it’s hard to beat an army that’s serving a Three-Eyed Raven king.
The king’s life was so long and continued for so many winters, that caused him to gain another nickname: Bran the ancient.

By the time he got tired and requested an election for a new ruler, nobody knows exactly his age, but the wise Maesters thought that he was exceeded 100 years.
By the last command, Bran was taken by his Kingsguard to the Gods Eye, it’s a lake that was known to be cursed, but was also have an island in the middle with many trees of Weirwood. Surrounded by the fog.
The last his guard saw of him, he was on a boat, fading into the fog,
But the people of the North swear they saw ravens with mutable blue and white eyes flying up the Winterfell walls for many years later.


2- Sansa:

game of thrones finale reaction

As she became known as “The Wise Wolf”.
The Queen has Ruled the north until she died many years later.
Through this time, she worked to rehabilitate the noble houses of the North, which have been destroyed in the Great War against the Night King. except for House Umber which had never rehabilitated.
She rarely left the North since she takes the rule. Preferring to send birds or ask for Tyrion to come to Winterfell instead of visit King’s Landing. The reason was maybe her sad feelings and memories about Kings Landing.
Sansa respected Tyrion’s wish before his death and called for a new election of the new queen of the North. A cousin of Lyanna from House Mormont, the hero of the Ice and Fire Battle – becoming the first Non-Stark Queen of the North.


game of thrones finale reaction
He was supposed to be elected the Night’s Watch Commander,
but he insisted to lead the Wildlings through an expedition north of the Wall back to their homes.
“I’m a ranger, not a Commander,” Jon said. He was supposed to be back after eight weeks, but after a year, perhaps that the man of multiple names, the White Wolf, the Bastard King, the Undying, the King of the north, never wanted to return again.
Later, some stories say that a leader built a settlement in the deep north and spent his last years in pursuit of wildlife. Recording the history of the Children of the Forest.

4- Arya:

bran the broken
Arya traveled west, and the last news of her was a raven sent from her ship, describing to Sansa: “a Land has been detected”


5- Tyrion:

bran the broken

Heading to Essos was the first diplomatic trip for Tyrion, to meet Daario in Meereen. To inform him of Dany’s death, With Bran’s consent. Tyrion stayed for a time to help establish and keep a new government there. He felt like he owed it to Daenerys for all his faults.
Tyrion kept his friendship with Sansa, usually visiting Winterfell despite the bad weather. after that, he made it and went to the Wall, Jon already was gone. Tyrion piss from the top of the world, in his honor.
He died, due to liver cirrhosis. He said On his deathbed, I think I should have seen this coming.

6- Drogon:

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Tired of losing his bros and his mother, Drogon left far away Westeros and gave Daenerys a decent dragon burial in Valyria. The only one who knows where he went to, is Bran.
By the time, Bran lost his vision of him. But still, some of the people of Essos swear that they hear his screams fading through the Shadowlands.

7- Brienne:

bran the broken

Brienne of Tarth used her post as the Leader of the Kingsguard. To ask Bran to officially approve for women to have the right to be knights. He agreed.
Since then, numberless women have attended the militaries of the Great Families. Brienne never got married, and Podrick too, but they honorably served for several years and retired as friends.

Game of Thrones season 8

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