Trump tweets ‘on his way home’ about rapper A$AP Rocky to be released from prison

Trump A$AP Rocky

US President Donald Trump Wrote a tweet said that rapper Rakim Mayers Aka “A$AP Rocky” on his way home. After an assault case against A$AP.

By a rule from a Swedish court in declaring that The suspect rapper ‘A$AP Rocky’ and two others will be freed from jail and stay free until 14 from August when an assault decision will be published. Trump A$AP Rocky

It was not instantly clear from the Stockholm Court decision on Friday if the 3 defendants in an assault case can leave Sweden. However, by a tweet from President Donald Trump, the suspects are “on there’s way home.”

The rapper’s real name is Rakim Mayers, on Friday used social media to thank his fans.

In Stockholm court, prosecutors required that Rakim Mayers get a 6 months sentence while closing arguments. Mayers asked the court for community service because he thought would be a fair punishment for him.

This case-development happens after a witness in the Rakim Mayers case check her story from the initial reports in the police. Claiming in a court Friday she did not really see the rapper beating a guy with a bottle.

The woman and her friend,  anonymously testifying, were asked by a video at Stockholm Court in Sweden.

Witness statements were the top events of the day 3 in the court in which the suspect Rakim and two others were arrested by prosecutors of hitting Mustafa Jafari on 30 from June. Rakim’s bodyguard Timothy Leon Williams also has been testified on Friday.


Both women who Questioned on Friday kept their earlier statements to police. That they viewed Rakim and his entourage kicking Jafari.

But one of them recanted her statement. She said she heard the bottle crushing sound. But she couldn’t know if it was Rakim’s entourage hit Jafari with the bottle or just threw it to the ground.

She added that she didn’t see the rapper carrying a bottle through the fight. Her friend claimed that she didn’t see anyone hitting Mustafa  Jafari with a bottle.

Trump A$AP Rocky

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