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Which “Stranger Things” Girl Are You?

Stranger Things Quiz, Which “Stranger Things” Girl Are You?

Stranger things are shown on “Netflix” only, and it is in two parts, and the third is being prepared. It talks about an area where strange scientific experiments have caused the formation of a strange monster living in the opposite dimension. Events develop as a boy disappears in the area and the first part revolves around the search for him.

Stranger Things was not like any other series, it is funny, interesting, terrifying, and dramatic at the same time. He gathered all the details and managed to get into the hearts of many viewers, even he got a high ranking from the series critics (9/10).

The high performance presented by all of the celebrities actors, and the technical crew of the series, made viewers of all ages take on some of the characters of this series.
In this Quiz, you will be able to know which “Stranger Things” Girl Are You?

The characters presented in this test are famous girls in the series “Strange Things”

Is it Robin, Max, Eleven, or Erica!

  • Question of

    What’s your idea of a perfect day?

    • Hanging out at the mall or reading with my friend
    • 24 hours where absolutely nothing weird happens i Hawkins
    • I’d like a break from trying to stop the end of the world, tbs
    • Getting free samples of ice cream
  • Question of

    What do you normally wear?

    • T-shirt and jeans
    • Really colorful shirts if I’m feeling snazzy
    • A sailor’s outfit
    • A look that says ‘pure sass’
  • Question of

    Do you have any special abilities?

    • I would say… friendship
    • I can use my mind to move stuff around
    • Languages and having more common sense than Steve
    • I’m a nerd and proud ofit
  • Question of

    Pick a quote

    • “There’s more to life than stupid boys, you know.”
    • “Friends don’t lie!”
    • “I’m fluent in four languages, you know?”
    • “You can’t spell America without Erica.”
  • Question of

    Can you speak another language?

    • I’m learning some at school
    • Same
    • I can speak four languages and picked up some Russian phrases recently
    • If there was a language called ‘sass’, I’d be fluent in it
  • Question of

    Who’s your best friend?

    • Eleven
    • Steve’s actually pretty cool
    • Max
    • Dustin, even though I won’t stop giving him attitude
  • Question of

    Which film are you most likely to watch?

    • The Breakfast Club
    • E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
    • Gremlins
    • Labyrinth
  • Question of

    Which word describes you best?

    • Loyal
    • Heroic
    • Awesome
    • Queen
  • Question of

    What sort of music do you listen to?

    • Whatever my brother is blasting on his car stereo
    • Rock
    • Indie
    • Pop
  • Question of

    Where do you like to hang out?

    • Eleven’s place
    • Home or the Starcourt mall
    • Anywhere but Scoops Ahoy
    • Scoops Ahoy for all the free samples

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