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Which “Shelby Family” Member Are You?

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    As a kid, what would you do the most?

    • Think of games to play with friends
    • Play-fight with my friends
    • Write notes to my crush
    • Get into regular-kid mischief
    • Stay inside and do house chores
    • Hang out with the big kids
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    What drink would you order at a bar?

    • Whiskey on the rocks
    • Rusty nail
    • Martini
    • Vodka soda
    • White wine
    • Jake and coke
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    Which celebrity from England would you hang out with?

    • David Beckham
    • Tom Hardy
    • Orlando Bloom
    • Adele
    • Emma Watson
    • Robert Pattinson
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    If you were a gangster, what would be your GO-TO weapon?

    • Kitchen knife
    • Brass knuckles
    • Pistol
    • Pepper spray
    • Liquor bottle
    • Pocketknife
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    What’s the most important thing in life?

    • Respect
    • Honor
    • Loyalty
    • Love
    • Tradition
    • Family
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    What best describes your personality?

    • Measured
    • Angry
    • Respected
    • Powerful
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    In your family, you’re known as the…?

    • Brains
    • Leader
    • Wildcard
    • Peacekeeper
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    How would you describe your ideal partner?

    • Loyal
    • Exotic
    • Beautiful
    • Trustworthy
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    Pick your favorite Tom Hardy movie

    • Bronson
    • The Dark Knight Rises
    • Mad Max: Fury Road
    • Warrior
    • Dunkirk
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    Have you ever been on a horse?

    • Yes
    • No

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