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Which “Friends” Character Are You?

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    How do you feel about animals?

    • I love them!
    • Cats with no hair are cool
    • They’re fine
    • Monkeys are my favorites
    • I don’t really like dogs
    • They taste goood!
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    When you get home from school, what do you do?

    • Tuck into some snacks
    • Clean my room
    • Do my homework
    • Hang out with my friends
    • listen to music
    • Go shopping
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    What do people find annoying about you?

    • I’m a clean freak!
    • I can day dream a little
    • My pet monkey annoys people
    • I make too many jokes!
    • I refuse to share my food
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    What’s your fave food?

    • Something freshly cooked!
    • Something vegetarian
    • Could cheesecake BE anymore delicious?
    • Leftover turkey sandwich
    • Ice cream
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    What annoys you the most?

    • Someone being really messy
    • People taking my food!!!
    • When people don’t believe in science
    • My brother or sister!
    • Someone saying WE WERE ON A BREAK
    • An annoying laugh
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    If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?

    • London
    • Paris
    • New York
    • y
    • Yamen
    • Yamen
    • Somewhere with great cheese
    • Anywhere! I don’t mind!
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    What are you most likely to be heard saying?

    • How you doing?
    • Could you BE anymore annoying
    • Smelly cat smelly cat
    • I got off the plane
    • I’m breezy!
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    What job would you like to do one day?

    • Anything that involves shopping
    • Be a scientist
    • Don’t know, but volunteering would be cool
    • I’m not sure – stop asking me!
    • A chef!
    • I wanna be famous!
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    How would you describe yourself?

    • Smart
    • Funny
    • Hungry
    • Organised
    • Kind
    • Fashionable
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    Which character would be your best friend?

    • Joey
    • Chandler
    • Rachel
    • I would be best friends with everyone
    • Monica
    • Chandler and joey