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TWD Challenge Quiz For Fans

TWD Challenge Quiz For Fans

TWD Tv shows on Netflix are characterized by realism, which makes the viewer indulge in the story as if it were part of it, and the special performance provided by the series’ celebrities maximizes the enthusiasm of the viewers.

Do you watch TWD series? Do you think you know everything about TWD and that you are a keen follower?

Even if you don’t, then why not test your knowledge in these 20 questions?

The 20 questions focus on all TWD seasons, and there are multiple options. There will be some tricks there, so read the question carefully and accurately.

  • Question of

    In season one, all of the characters are hiding under cars – well all but one. Where is Dale hiding?

    • Inside of a car
    • He isn’t there, he is out looking for Sophia
    • Underneath a stack of walker bodies that Glenn made
    • The roof of his RV
    • Behind a water van
  • Question of

    How does Lori react/what does she say, when Shane is talking about eating frogs?

    • “Only if I get malnourished”
    • “Tell it to the frogs”
    • “I am trying to do Carls hair so do you mind?”
    • She just laughs and shakes it off
    • “I’d rather eat miss piggy”
  • Question of

    In season 2, Andrea shoots a ‘walker’. Who is the walker and where did she shoot them?

    • Hershel, in the leg so it has to get removed
    • Daryl, skimmed his head
    • Carl, in the chest so he has to get treated by Hershel
    • Glenn, he managed to just dodge the bullet
    • Lori, in the stomach so she loses the baby
  • Question of

    In season 2, Lori had done what… behind Ricks back (which he finds out about)?

    • Took vitamins
    • Plan Carls death
    • Tries to abort the baby
    • Tell Shane that the baby is his
    • Kiss Shane again
  • Question of

    In season 2 of the Walking Dead, Shane opens up the barn. Sophia walks out, what colour T-shirt is she wearing and what is on it?

    • Plain blue T
    • Blue, rainbow
    • Orange, emoji
    • Red, rainbow
    • Purple, rainbow
  • Question of

    Now onto season 3. When they finally claim the grass-grounds of the prison, who sings, why, and what do they sing?

    • Beth and Maggie, Glenn had his guitar out, The Parting Glass
    • Beth, Hershel asked, The Parting Glass
    • Beth and Maggie, Hershel asked, The Parting Glass
    • Beth and Carl, Carl thought it would be fun, The Parting Glass and some of Hakuna Matata
  • Question of

    In season 3, Lori dies. What kills her?

    • Childbirth
    • Blood loss, childbirth and the flu
    • A walker bite
    • The gunshot from Carl
    • Blood loss from childbirth
  • Question of

    Carl gets a pet pig. What does he name the pig and what eventually happens to all the pigs? Why?

    • Violet, nothing happens to her
    • Violet, Rick throws them off the back of a truck, they spread disease
    • Lori, they eat them, they were hungry
    • Violet, they mate, love
    • Penelope, Rick throws them off the back of a truck, they spread disease
  • Question of

    Also in season 3, we are introduced to the Governor. What is the name of the Governors daughter? (C’mon this is easy!)

    • Polly!
    • Lilly!
    • Penelope!
    • Tara!
    • Penny!
  • Question of

    In season 4 when some interesting events happen. Rick throws food at Carl and tells him to eat, what food?

    • Chocolate pudding
    • Cereal that looked like Cheerios
    • Crackers
    • Crisps
    • Flake cereal
  • Question of

    Also Rick, Michonne and Carl stay in a house together. What happens to this house?

    • They leave so they can go to terminus
    • It belongs to someone else so they have to leave
    • They are still there
    • They leave because they needed to keep moving
    • Carl left the oven on when baking cookies so it burns down
  • Question of

    Why does Rick act fast when held at gunpoint by Daryl’s ‘friends’?

    • To save Carl from being squashed
    • To save Michonne from being beat up
    • He had had enough of this
    • To avoid the bullet
    • To avoid the bullet and save Carl from supposedly being raped
  • Question of

    Who is in the same group as Maggie on the way to terminus?

    • Tyreese and Sasha
    • Beth and Daryl of course
    • She goes alone
    • Tyreese and Carol
    • Bob and Sasha
  • Question of

    This Question already! After terminus, how does the group react?

    • Kill father Gabriel
    • Leave to find a new place
    • Rage
    • Separate again
    • Slaughter most of terminus in a church
  • Question of

    So Aaron visits the new ‘barn’ where the group are staying and he offers Rick food for Judith, what is it and what does Rick do?

    • Mango baby food, feed it to Judith
    • Applesauce, make Aaron eat it
    • Applesauce, make Aaron eat it
    • A banana, pass it to Carl to dispose of
    • Applesauce, throw it at Aaron
  • Question of

    In season 6. Carl is shot in season 6. Asking you who by and why is too easy, so instead I am going to ask what Denise says when Carl is carried to the house?

    • She asks if he has been bit
    • She doesn’t speak and instead gets straight to work
    • She looks at Carl and asks what happened and what gun
    • She asks who shot Carl
    • She says its a gunshot
  • Question of

    This is an easy question. What are Abraham and Glenns final words?

    • Abraham has no chance to speak, Maggie I will find you
    • You will pay, Maggie I will find you
    • Taking it like a champ, Maggie I will find you
    • Suck my nuts, Maggie I will find you
    • You’re and is cut off, Maggie I will find you
  • Question of

    Further into season 6. What does Maggie eat and do before starting to feel really ill and in pain?

    • Apple, gets a check up
    • Pickles, get hair cut
    • Pickles, look for Glenn
    • She doesn’t eat, get hair cut
    • Apple, get hair cut
  • Question of

    What are four ways that Negan tortures Daryl?

    • Easy street music, showing him picture of mushed Glenn, teasing him by pretending to hit toes with Lucille, try to change his name
    • Negan feeds him dog food, keeps hitting the door, gets Dwight to pester Daryl and teases him
    • Makes Daryl sing, feeds him dog food, tempts him with his wives and locks him in a cupboard
    • Negan feeds him dog food, easy street music, mushed Glenn picture and teasing him
    • He welcomed him!
  • Question of

    question 20 and the last question…Who isn’t sure if Rick is dead?

    • Daryl
    • Daryl and Michonne
    • Daryl and Carol
    • Carol
    • Judith and Negan