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Stranger Things Season 1 Quiz: How Well Do You Remember?

Stranger Things Season 1 quiz. Play this Quiz, And don’t forget to Share your Result. Have fun!

stranger things season 1 quiz

In this quiz, we will test your memory, starting from the begging of the Netflix Hit show.
Stranger Things made us attached to the series from the first scene to the last one. with many unique characters keeps introduced to the show. we discover in episode 1 the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers, and how his brave friends start searching for him. The rest is history.
Now we leave you with this trivia quiz, have fun.

  • Question of

    What game are the boys playing when we first meet them?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • Settlers of Catan
    • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Risk
    • Monopoly
  • Question of

    Which character dies first in the series?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • An unnamed scientist at Hawkins Lab
    • Benny, of Benny’s Burgers
    • Will Byers
  • Question of

    Where does Barb go missing?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • Nancy’s backyard
    • The school cafeteria
    • Steve Harrington’s pool
    • Unknown
  • Question of

    Where do the boys steal the name “Mirkwood” from?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • A Song of Ice and Fire
    • The Lord of the Rings
    • The Once and Future King
    • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Question of

    What extracurricular activity is Mr. Clark in charge of?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • Chess club
    • Boy scouts
    • A.V. Club
    • Swim team
  • Question of

    What is Mike’s role during Dungeons & Dragons?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • Storyteller
    • Dragon Master
    • Dungeon Master
    • Dice Roller
  • Question of

    Which item does Dustin steal from the school’s cafeteria?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • Chocolate chip cookies
    • Chicken fingers
    • Chocolate pudding
    • Cheese sticks
  • Question of

    What school event does Mike invite Eleven to?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • The Snow Ball Dance
    • The Halloween Party
    • The Christmas Gift Exchange
    • Junior Prom
  • Question of

    What do the boys build in the school’s gymnasium to help Eleven communicate with Will?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • A portal
    • A time machine
    • A sensory deprivation tank
    • An interdimensional radio
  • Question of

    What is Dr. Brenner using Eleven’s super powers for?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • To brainwash the citizens of Hawkins
    • To overthrow the government
    • To spy on the Russians
    • To invent teleportation
  • Question of

    Which one of these characters does NOT die throughout season one?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • Barb
    • Will Buyers
    • The Monster
    • Benny, of Benny’s Burgers
  • Question of

    What analogy does Mr. Clark use to explain the possibility of another dimension to Mike, Dustin and Lucas?

    Stranger things season 1 quiz
    • A man walking on a moving train
    • A flea and an acrobat walking a tightrope
    • A falling apple on a rotating planet
    • A folded paper plate that connects two dots

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