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Quiz online : How Well Do You Know About LeBron James

Quiz online  for LeBron James superfans 

LeBron James quiz, In this test that includes 9 various questions about NBA superstar LeBron James, famous for being one of the best basketball players in the world, if you really think you know a lot about LeBron James, try to win this challenge.

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  • Question of

    For which NBA team did LeBron James play his rookie season?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • Miami Heat
    • Cleveland Cavaliers
    • Cleveland Cavaliers
    • Boston Celtics
  • Question of

    Which position did LeBron James come in for All-Star votes for 2014?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • Third
    • Top Vote Getter
    • Fourth
    • Second
  • Question of

    In 2007, what event did LeBron James co-host?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • The Golden Globe Awards
    • The Grammy Awards
    • The ESPY Awards
    • The Academy Awards
  • Question of

    Along with Gatorade, who named LeBron James the “Player of the Year” as a Jr. and Sr.?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • USA Today
    • Cincinnati Post
    • All Around Cleveland
    • Cleveland Free Times
  • Question of

    What high-school sport did LeBron James play along with basketball?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • Football
    • Baseball
    • Lacrosse
    • Soccer
  • Question of

    What is the name of LeBron James’ mother?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • Ruth
    • Jean
    • Gloria
    • Elizabeth
  • Question of

    In what city, did LeBron James and Savannah Brinson get married?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • Akron
    • San Diego
    • Miami Beach
    • Las Vegas
  • Question of

    How many points did LeBron James score in game 7 final vs. San Antonio in 2013?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • 27 Points
    • 30 Points
    • 37 Points
    • 22 Points
  • Question of

    In March of 2008 LeBron James became the first black man to appear where?

    quizzes,nba,LeBron James
    • Appear In Playgirl
    • Cover Of Cosmo
    • At A White House Dinner
    • Cover Of Vogue

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