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Time To See How Well You Remember Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time tv series quiz, play now and discover if you really remember Once Upon A Time Tv show

  • Question of

    What are the real-life counterpart names for Snow White and Prince Charming?

    • Mary Jane Blanche and James Nolan
    • Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan
    • Minnie White and Dave Prince
    • Emma Ivory and Ben Charmsley
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    What special ingredient does Henry Mills like in his hot cocoa?

    • Nutmeg
    • Extra whipped cream
    • Cinnamon
    • Fairy dust
  • Question of

    Who is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming?

    • Red Riding
    • Belle
    • Cinderella
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    How is Rumpelstiltskin related to Henry Mills?

    • He’s his dad
    • He’s his grandfather
    • He’s his uncle
    • They’re not related
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    In which US state is Storybrooke located?

    • Washington
    • Virginia
    • Maine
    • New York
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    Which iconic quote is repeated throughout the show?

    • (I will always find you)
    • (Magic is never where you expect it)
    • (And they lived happily ever after)
    • (This is no fairytale)
  • Question of

    Which of these characters does the Evil Queen have a relationship with?

    • Robin Hood
    • The Huntsman
    • Dr. Facilier
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    Who isn’t Emma Swan’s love interest?

    • Captain Hook
    • Peter Pan
    • Pinocchio
    • A flying monkey
  • Question of

    The Evil Queen has which job in Storybrooke?

    • Mayor
    • Lawyer
    • Newspaper Editor
    • Pharmacist
  • Question of

    Which character wasn’t seen until Season 7?

    • Rapunzel
    • Cinderella
    • Tiana
    • The Wicked Witch
  • Question of

    Which of these villains doesn’t get a redemption arc?

    • Rumplestiltskin
    • Ursula
    • Maleficent
    • Cruella de Vil
  • Question of

    What’s Red Riding Hood’s biggest secret?

    • She killed the Evil Queen’s boyfriend
    • She killed her first boyfriend
    • She wants to move to New York
    • She is a talented wizard

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