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You will Never Get 100% On This Stranger Things Quiz

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    Who curses the most during the show?

    • Mike
    • Dustin
    • Billy
    • Will
    • Will
    • Mike
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    How does Joyce claim to have come in contact with Will when he is found at the quarry?

    • She heard him on the phone when “the storm” fried it
    • He emerged from the wall when she played The Clash’s, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”
    • She thought he was dead and didn’t contact him that night
    • Through the lights
    • She went to the Upside Down with Hopper
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    What does Eleven do to save Mike from Troy at the assembly for Will?

    • She doesn’t do anything and leaves Mike to suffer because she is mad at him
    • She makes Troy pee himself in front of the entire school
    • She flings him with her powers
    • She breaks his arm
    • She locks Troy in the Upside Down when she closes the gate
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    To “get the weirdo in there without noticing” Mike and his friends came up with what name to save Eleven when they were confronted by Mr. Clarke?

    • Ellie
    • Eleanor
    • Elise
    • Eileen
    • Eleanor
    • Elena
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    What is the project that Eleven was experimented on in Hawkins’s lab?

    • Project 011
    • Project MKUltra
    • Project NSA
    • Project CIA
    • Project CIA
    • Project Eleven
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    What advice does Steve give Dustin about “getting girls” that ultimately fails?

    • “Become good friends first and take her out on a nice date”
    • “Nah, man – girls are hard to get, don’t stress about it”
    • “Just act like you don’t care – girls like that”
    • “Cool hair is everything”
    • “Ha ha ha – what girls are freaked out by you!”
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    Who are the directors of Stranger Things?

    • Shawn Levy
    • Ross Duffer
    • Matt Duffer
    • All of these
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    What happens to the pumpkins in the beginning of Season 2?

    • They all became prize-winners
    • Wait, there were pumpkins?
    • They rotted
    • They were stolen
    • They had a hidden portal to the Upside Down

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