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You and Your Bestie On “Grey’s Anatomy”, Who Would You Be?

Grey’s Anatomy Friendships, Grey’s Anatomy you and your Bestie Quiz, BFF quiz

Grey’s Anatomy, Send this Quiz to your bestie to see if you both will get the same result.

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  • Question of

    Do you trust your bestie?

    Grey's anatomy buzzfeed
    • 1000%
    • Of course
    • Most of the time, yeah
    • Not really…
  • Question of

    How long have you known your bestie?

    Grey's anatomy celebsarea
    • 5-10 years
    • A couple years
    • A few months
    • Forever
  • Question of

    What movie do you want to watch with your BFF?

    Grey's anatomy all quizzes
    • The Notebook
    • Mean Girls
    • Something we can cry to
    • The Godfather
  • Question of

    Do you and your bestie fight?

    Grey's anatomy characters quiz
    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • Let’s just say we haven’t always been friends
    • We have our moments
  • Question of

    How well do you know your bestie?

    Grey's anatomy bestfriends
    • We Know everything about each other
    • Well enough
    • Really well
    • I’m not sure

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