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Everyone Is Either Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Or Carol – Who Are You? The Walking Dead

Which “The Walking Dead” Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out!

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    How would your friends describe you (before the apocalypse)?

    • Kind
    • Nuturing
    • Guarded
    • Sweet
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    What would you have been if the apocalypse never happened?

    • Police officer
    • Art curator
    • Survivalist
    • Stay-at-home parent
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    What’s the first thing you do when the zombies attack?

    • Get your family
    • Get out of town
    • Stock up on some weapons
    • Hide
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    What’s the one thing you will bring with you?

    • A family heirloom
    • A picture album
    • A gun
    • Money
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    Which of these is the most important during a zombie apocalypse?

    • Weapons
    • Food an water
    • Medical Supplies
    • Shelter
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    What kind of weapon has your name all over it?

    • Gun
    • Sword
    • Crossbow
    • Knife
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    Which of these vehicles would you ride around in during the apocalypse?

    • Horse
    • Walking
    • Motorcycle
    • Minivan
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    Which of these locations do you think could’ve lasted the test of time?

    • Alexandria
    • The Prison
    • The Road – keep moving and you won’t get caught
    • Hershel’s Farm
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    How open are you to strangers joining your group?

    • I test them before they can join
    • I’m pretty open to it
    • I’m very wary of new people
    • I let them join but I keep two eyes on them
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    What job would you take up in your group of zombie survivors?

    • The protector
    • The counselor
    • The scavenger
    • The chef
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    A friend of yours was bitten by a zombie, what do you do next?

    • Tie them up
    • Try to save them
    • Walk away from them
    • Kill them before they turn
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    A walker starts chasing you, what do you do?

    • Shoot it
    • Cut off its head
    • Stab it
    • Leave it alone
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    Which villain was the most formidable in the show?

    • Negan
    • The Gevernor
    • Terminus hunters
    • The walkers
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    Which character would you kill off if you could?

    • Negan
    • Eugene
    • Rosita
    • Father Gabriel