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Everyone is Either Betty, Jughead, and Cheryl – Which One Are You?

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Riverdale is one of the best Netflix series, is a teen drama series aired on The CW TV. The first episode was broadcasted at the beginning of 2017, exactly on January 26.

The idea of Riverdale inspired from the Archie Comics series,

Although some amateur viewers see it as a series directed at teenagers, given that most of its heroes are in the teenagers ’age group. However, the story of the show full of mystery and excitement that made the series one of the best TV shows definitely for all ages,

It revolves around Archie Andrews, Betty, Veronica, their friends, and the town. Murders, and troubled emotional relationships, plus their journey to discover their small city and its mysterious secrets.

The story of CW Show revolves in a small town called Riverdale, a town that resembles any other small, quiet and safe city, whose residents know each other, and anyone who wishes to visit it and spend some time there, you are welcomed with a large sign reading “Welcome to Riverdale the town with pep!”. The city’s residents describe it as a center of enthusiasm and vitality.

But the quiet town is turned upside down when one day they wake up to discover a strange accident in which a teenager named Jason Blossom dies in mysterious and unclear circumstances.

But a few days later, Jason’s body was discovered and he was shot to become formally a murder. Things get complicated. We gradually learn about the characters one by one and each has a complex story that twists with other stories to create mystery and excitement and very enjoyably show.

The diverse and unique characters impressed Riverdale Tv show fans.

Now let’s take this personality test.


  • Question of

    What’s your personality like?

    • Kind of a loner
    • Sweet
    • Sassy
    • Caring
    • Mysterious
    • Leader
  • Question of

    What do you order at Pop’s?

    • Everything!
    • Cheese burger and fries
    • Vanilla Milkshake
    • Ice cream
  • Question of

    Which would you be more likely to be in high school?

    • Editor of the newspaper
    • In a band
    • Cheerleader
    • Too cool for clubs
  • Question of

    How do you do in school?

    • Straight A’s!
    • Less than straight A’s…
  • Question of

    What career do you want?

    riverdale netflix
    • Journalist
    • Financial analyst
    • Actor
    • Teacher
    • Business person
    • FBI Agent
  • Question of

    Describe your clothing style

    • Casual
    • Name brand outfits
    • Whatever is clean
    • I like to show off my curves
  • Question of

    What do you like to do after school?

    • Read a book
    • Hang out with friends
    • Write
    • Eat
    • Watch videos
    • Sleep
  • Question of

    Finally! Pick a Riverdale character

    • Riverdale Quiz 2020 trivia
    • Veronica
    • Toni
    • Kevin
    • Roggie
    • Josie