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Quiz: Do You Belong To “The Vampire Diaries” Or “The Originals”?

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  • Klaus kills your significant other – what do you do?

    • Attempt to kill him
    • Attempt to stab him
    • Enlist others to help you kill him
    • Get revenge
  • What do you identify as?

    • Human
    • Witch
    • Vampire
    • Hybrid
    • Werewolf
  • What’s more likely to happen to you?

    • My ex comes back from the dead
    • My ex is my current partner’s brother
  • You only have time to save one – which do you save?

    • My sibling
    • My child
    • My best friend
    • My romantic partner
  • A supernatural kidnaps you – who would be the hardest to escape from?

    • A wounded Original
    • A witch under strong circumstances
    • A strong but starved vampire
    • A researched werewolf with a lust for revenge
  • Pick the character you relate to most:

    • Will You Survive Being A Vampire In "TVD"?
    • Quiz: Which "The Vampire Diaries" Female Character Are You?
    • Hayley
    • Davina
    • Quiz: Which "The Vampire Diaries" Female Character Are You?
    • Bonnie
  • Pick a location:

    • New Orleans
    • Mystic Falls
    • England
    • Bulgaria
  • Pick a Salvatore:

    • Stefan
    • Damon
  • What is the down side of your life?

    • You hardly know your family
    • You feel like your life is way too unstable and tough
    • You are always the one ending up stuck with a friend or family member’s troubles
    • None of them
  • What is your biggest flaw?

    • Evil
    • Overly cautious
    • Emotionally dependent
    • Not grateful
    • Wrath
    • Disloyal
    • Not able to move on