Millie Bobby Brown Dyed Her Hair Blonde and Looks Like Eleven With the Wig

Millie Bobby Brown blonde

Millie got a long hair increase and she colored her hair ash blonde.

She looks fabulous in both ways, To be Honest!

What a month, it certainly was the proper one for celebrities to make hair changes. Demi Lovato colored her hair tips in slime green, Kristen Stewart dyed her pink hair, Dua Lipa got the best bangs, Selena Gomez got a long hair on Instagram photos. Millie Bobby Brown blonde

I can hardly continue! But since we are on our way fast to October, also known as the arrival of real autumn, celebrities on their way to quickly switch up their looks. And now, Millie Bobby Brown is moving to the hair change wagon too, so why not?

Last night, Millie decided to change things a bit. Like any 15-year-old teenager likes to do.

On Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown reveals her amazing super long, hair extensions with a bright blonde which highlights a huge separation from her common brunette bob hairstyle!

She got her hair cut by celebrity hairdresser, Dafne Evangelista(  Beauty Professional & Influencer), and was obsessed with the results. Truly, Millie looked super cute with her new look!!

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But she didn’t stop here. while it’s a “stranger thing” that Millie makes markable changes to her hair twice in one day. Millie Bobby Brown blonde

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She was recognized at YSV Salon coloring her hair blonde. Yes, Blonde! Precisely a grey-tinged ash blonde, like Eleven’s blonde wig from Stranger Things, season one.


Millie Bobby Brown blonde

I’ve never had thought that Millie would make her hair blonde, particularly regarding how much it links back to her fabulous iconic Stranger Things character “Eleven”.

Still, The blonde is an ideal fit for MBB! In truth, Millie looks frickin good with this hairstyle that if she calls me a mouthbreather I will say Thanks!

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