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Rapper Kodak black arrested on drugs, weapons charges

kodak black arrested

Kodak black arrested on drugs and weapons charges.

Kodak black arrested

Last Wednesday the New York State Police have arrested The 21 old “Kapri”, nicknamed Black. On charges of trafficking in drugs and arms.

The police arrested Kodak trying to enter the USA from Canada near Niagara Falls (New York).

Before the New York state police intervened. The US Customs and Border Protection Agency arrested ‘black” along with three others

While “Black” trying to cross the border with the others between Canada and the United States.

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Kodak black arrested

The police Officer James O’Callaghan, an open and public data officer for Troop an of the New York State Police, disclosed to CNN a Glock 9mm gun was undeclared in their Cadillac Escalade at the Lewiston-Queenston Universal Extension.

CNN has connected with Kapri’s delegate for input and representative for comment.


These allegations placed in the face of “Black”. Proving possession of a second-rate weapon, and illegal possession of marijuana.

Black transferred to Niagara County jail. With a $ 20,000-40,000 bail,


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On Thursday morning, he was released on bail, according to CNN’s WKBW.

Where he glowed on a video as he walked into the parking lot. Although he was trying to cover his face so it did not appear on the video.

Next month, will be a special court date of the singer “Black”

Still, Kodak achieved stunning success with “Tunnel Vision” album. Although his first ten songs on Billboard “Hot 100 Billboard Hot American”

In 2016, the police arrested Kodak several times. And accused by the grand jury in South Carolina. By establishing a charge of first-degree criminal sexual behavior.

Kodak black arrested

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