Every celebrity Featured In Lil Dicky’s Song “Earth,” About Climate Change

Leonardo DiCaprio song earth youtube Every Famous Person Featured In Lil Dicky's Song "Earth," About Climate Change

The world got a new climate change anthem courtesy in this year by Earth Da of Lil Dicky and, like, a so many famous people.

Lil Dicky's Song Earth Earth Day of Lil Dicky


It’s a bit adult song with a lovely animated video that features many different celebs singing as various animals. It’s attractive and nice, you should just watch it now!

Let’s see the characters in the video :

Earth Day of Lil Dicky

Justin Bieber (monkey)

Justin Bieber as a monkey

Ariana Grande (zebra)

Ariana Grande as a zebra Earth Day of Lil Dicky

Earth Day of Lil Dicky

Halsey (lion cub)

Halsey as a lion cub

Zac Brown (cow)

Zac Brown as a cow

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