Billie Eilish Reveals Why She Wears Clothes Bigger Than She Is

Billie Eilish Clothes

Eilish Reveals Why She Wears Clothes ‘800 sizes Bigger Than She Is’ After She Was Objectified On Socials media.

Billie Eilish Clothes

Billie Eilish In her 17 years old, these days is one of the biggest artists in the world. She’s building a very unbelievable career that already includes an album that claimed No 1, under the name ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

Besides music, Eilish is known for her different unique style, Often prefer shiny and loose clothing. She also seems like saying  “the bigger is better”


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In a recent Calvin Klein advert, Eilish said. “I don’t like everyone to know everything about my life,”

“I dress loose clothes so Nobody can have an opinion cause they have not to see what’s under these clothes, you know?”

Billie Eilish Clothes

And she added:

“And no one can say, ‘She’s slim-body’, ‘She’s not a slim-body’, ‘She has a tiny ass’, ‘She has a big nice ass’ no one can say any of that”

On the latest Vogue Australia cover, Eilish supported her point, kidding that she prefers to dress clothes “800 larger than I am”.

Billie Eilish Clothes

Eilish said in a video. “It kind of not gives the chance to people to judge on your body form,”

“I want to be difficult to judge. Ain’t nobody knows what’s under or top my cloughs”

Billie Eilish later explained that Rihanna inspired her, who has before said that she utilizes fashion like a defense tool and a way for expression.

Billie Eilish Clothes

And she said:

“I remember when Rihanna said in her acceptance speech, that fashion has been always her defense mechanism. Those words were strong for me when I heard her say that. Because it’s always been that means for me. And my security cover”

Artiste big Clothes 2019

A viral tweet calling Billie “thick” began recently, sharing a picture of her dressing a tank top.
The fans speedily defended the star, looking to her Calvin Klein advert where she’d particularly said this was the cause that she favored wearing loose clothes. Billie’s Representatives refused to comment.

Click here to see the full Vogue Australia video.

Billie Eilish Clothes

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