Annabelle comes! The doll’s disappearance is a fact or a hoax


Annabelle comes! Did the doll really disappear?

On Friday, August 14th, the famous horror doll from the “Annabelle comes” “Annabelle” and “The Conjuring” movie series, appeared on Twitter search results, which caught the attention of most users, with some even being afraid of the doll escaping from the mysterious Warren Museum in Connecticut.


This popular subject matter has garnered extra than 250,000 mentions at the social media platform “Twitter“. Now, the authentic cause at the back of the Annabelle doll’s appearance has been found out.

For now, the horror doll Annabelle is in the mysterious museum, which was started by late paranormal investigators Ed and Lauren Warren, as seen in the Conjuring franchise.

Today, Friday, August 14, 2020, rumors began to spread very quickly on the Internet that the Annabelle doll had mysteriously disappeared, it could have been somehow stolen or escaped from the museum. Of course, all of this is just an internet hoax and the doll hasn’t gone anywhere.


Now, the actual cause of why the hoax began has been discovered. The rumors began after a story about British actress Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders) changed into released.


In the Hollywood Reporter Interview with Wallis, Wallis talked about how she changed into able to get her the mum co-star Tom Cruise to run on a digital camera. In line with a YouTube video, the story got modified to “Annabelle escaped” when translated into Chinese, beginning the hoax.

As viewers might remember for Annabelle, Wallis played Mia in the original Annabelle movie. In the interview, Wallis also talks about the work she has combined with director James Wan in the movie.

sometime in the last month, we learned that the premiere date for the highly-awaited The Conjuring 3 is delayed due to this virus. “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” is now set to arrive sometime in 2021.

All these rumors are only spreading terror among people, as well as attracting the attention of users on social media platforms, and although it is just a hoax, many people have shared serious reactions in this regard.

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